Write with a pen as unique as your signature and give your work elegance and inspiration. Each of the handcrafted fountain pens and hand carved wooden pens for sale by Richard Altenhofen are distinctive, made with rare materials from all over the world. Crafted with rare woods, metals, stone and other materials, each handcrafted pen is a fascinating study blending visual art with the art of the written word.

In an era of digitization and computing, hand-written words have become a distinguished art form, requiring care and individual attention. My handcrafted pens reflect the care you put into your writing, whether in a simple signature, a letter, a note or even a book. Just as you customize your stationary, your desk and your working space, your pen should also be a piece that functions as an extension of yourself. For writing that is polished, professional and always on-point, choose a pen made from rare, handsome wood varieties. If your writing is whimsical and creative, choose a pen made from colorful stone striped with dreamlike patterns.

Take a look at the handcrafted fountain and ballpoint pens and find one that represents you and your writing. You can also order a unique pen for the writer or businessperson in your life

Here’s a sample of what I have in my Etsy Store today. Clicking on any image will take you to My Etsy Store.

Fountain Pen

Fountain pens are the creme de la creme of writing instruments. Almost effortless writing. Ink colors available in every conceivable color. My pens accept an ink cartridge or bottled ink using a converter pump. Nibs are high quality German-made iridium tipped steel nibs. You can upgrade nibs all the way to gold.

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Rollerball Pens

Rollerball is a hybrid between a fountain pen and a ballpoint. The slightest pressure gets this pen writing. My pens are supplied with German-made non-drying refills.

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Ballpoint Pens

The work horse of writing instruments. My usual ballpoint pen accepts a Parker refill, although I do make a stylus pen that accepts a Cross refill. Pressure must be applied to get this pen writing. Parker refill come in a large array of options: color, point size. You can even get a rollerball that fits a Parker refill.

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My stylus pen design allows you write with a Cross pen and operate your touch screen with the other end. Very handy.

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Mechanical Pencil

My mechanical pencil design uses a Pentel mechanism. Very reliable. My standard lead size is 0.7 mm, but you can request either 0.5 mm or 0.9 mm with no extra charge. The pencil body is solid wood. The diameter of the grip is slightly larger than the stock Pentel pencil. My customer find this added girth results in a more comfortable grip.

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Executive Collection

In this category I offer the finest in pen components and body materials, wrapped in an attractive presentation box. These are writing instruments meant for the most discriminating writer. I’m looking at you.

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