Take a look at distinguished handmade fountain pens and ballpoint pens for sale crafted by Richard Altenhofen in the store. For writers and businessmen or women who take pride in the work and carry out each letter with distinction, these handcrafted pens are a beloved addition to your desk. Made from rare and exotic materials gathered from all over the world, each pen is as unique as the person using it.

Choose a pen made from rare wood varieties, sculpted stone and even animal skins to add to your desk or pick out an exceptional gift for a friend. The smooth wood fountain pens and ballpoint pens write smooth and crisp, while showcasing a clean and professional outward appearance. The handcrafted pens are a beautiful addition to your writing and also a conversation piece, with many made from rare woods and stone from across the globe. Write with Ironwood from the deserts of the American Southwest, rich Hawaiian Koa wood, cream-colored Box Elder Burl, Cholla cactus wood with turquoise tears, colorful Variscite and Sugilite and even rattlesnake skin.

Find a classic fountain pen to match your personality and your writing. Give a gift to yourself or pick out a distinctive gift for a friend or family member.

The Creation Process

Let’s walk through the process I use to create my unique pens. (1) First, the design. How do I want the pen to look and operate? What materials? (2) Cut blanks. (3) Drill and glue in brass tubes. (4) Mount on the lathe. (5) Turn down to final profile. (6) Apply finish and assemble.


Ballpoint Pens

Most of my ballpoint pens are twist body and accept  Parker refill. Recently I designed a click pen that accepts a Parker refills.

Mechanical Pencils

Pentel mechanisms. My standard is 0.7 mm, but you can request 0.5 or 0.9 mm too. My body design is slightly larger in diameter than the Pentel pencil. The body is handcrafted so the maximum diameter will vary between 10-12 mm. Because the grip tapers you can adjust where you grasp the pencil to suit your comfort.

Fountain Pens  Rollerball Pens

Many of my capped pens are created from a single piece of wood. In this case, the wood is grain matched between the cap and the body. In my Segmentia Collection, I typically place the segmented section in the cap.

Executive Collection

The Executive Collection is a series of high end desk pens, fountain or rollerball, intended for the most discriminating writer. The materials I use here are the rarest of the rare. They are packaged in a wood box perfect to house our pen on your desk when not in use.

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